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Best Spots in Manchester for a Good Old Drink

I'm surprised I've never really covered this before, but in the past year I've ventured out a bit and gone around town looking for the best places for a drink, from cocktails to ciders there's a range of places across Manchester that deserve a bit of a spotlight. I like a mixture of drinks and there's nothing worse than going to a new bar and choosing the same drink you have everywhere else, I like to try something different each time. So if you're looking for a new place to grab a drink take note of where am about to mention, from the Northern Quarter to Spinningfields. 

First up, is Jimmy's if you're into the more indie scene of Manchester this is a great place to check out. They have a great range of cocktails, great music that you can't miss and they house a lot of gigs around the year. Some of my best gigs from the past year have been at Jimmy's and it's somewhere you really can't miss. It's a bit different to the rest on the lis…

The New Coat October Splurge

Yep, I got paid from work, I needed a new coat, fancied a new piercing and thought it's only right to document all of this. It feels odd sitting here and typing all this out. In reality, I've been all over the place really, I've not had some solid time to sit down and actually focus on my blog properly and it feels so odd and out of place for me, life gets in the way and this has gone to the back burner, unfortunately. But I have a cheeky 20 minutes and some new things to talk about so let's get going on this little splurge I had. 

First and most obvious is I have a new coat in my life, I fell in love with this a couple weeks ago and it's been love ever since. I'm gonna do another post soon and my lack of love for fashion recently I hit a bit of a slump and I just wasn't inspired by anything and it really sucked. But when I saw this I was in love with it, a cheeky £25 spent in Primark and this was coming home with me. I wanted a fluffy coat for a while but I…

A Bit Of A Guide To Getting Stuff Done

I'm not here to sell you this amazing plan where all your procrastination issues are solved, sadly I'd need to put that into practice for myself first. What I can do however is talk a little bit about this, procrastination is such an odd thing. Everyone does it but sometimes it can feel more than that, you physically can't seem to get anything down no matter how hard you try. Some hours feel unproductive where others feel like nothing can stop you. It's a hard thing to tackle so I thought to help us all feel a little less guilty about it I'd talk about the things that tend to help me when i'm in the procrastination phase. 

Some weeks I struggle to get anything done, this isn't due to me being lazy or not wanting to do it but sometimes there can be so much going on I can't focus on one sole thing. With having constant alerts on my phone and laptop and notes everywhere it's not easy to just focus on one thing when there are about 15 other things you co…

Let's Get A Bit Of Netflix On

Nope, this isn't a Netflix and chill situation, but Netflix is improving and adding more and more on every day. For me I've become sucked into the hype over it, I have it on my phone and my laptop and it's become my main go to whenever I want to watch something. I'm more of a tv show person rather than a film person, they don't have a great selection of films but they really are stepping up the tv shows.

If you're looking for something a little on the odd side Big Mouth is up there. It's a cartoon based show touching on issues such as puberty, porn, and slut shaming. It brings up these topics in a way that makes it funny, it breaks the ice and touches on a lot of today's humour. The episodes are short but it's something you can get easily addicted to. 

If you want something a bit more fictional, say you're a fan of Pretty Little Liars then Elite is one to watch. Based around a mysterious death you get to know the lives of each character, they all …

Do You Believe in Love?

Love, what a word. It defines a range of things, from an admiration to food, a song, a piercing, to even someone special to you. It can be a scary thing to use and it's something that can make you happy and sad all in one. For me I've had a real range of situations with love, from friendships to relationships it's a confusing time really. I thought I'd talk through the issues of love, for me a lot of this is a lesson that I'm still learning but I'd thought I would talk about what to do when you like someone who doesn't feel the same way. 

It's hard, you get so many feelings that can't hide away until you get your answer. I have spent months liking people without ever saying anything, as the fear of being rejected builds up. Especially as a teenager they want to be with someone or like someone was heightened and oh my everything feels like the worst thing to ever happen. I remember feeling head over heels for people that really didn't deserve me o…

Those Essential Autumnal Pieces

Let's start off like every other Autumnal post by announcing that Autumn is here, let's bring in the leaves and get the themed hot drinks out. But what are you gonna wear? It's all about the reds and oranges and really getting pops of colour. This year I really wanna bring a bit of dark green into my life, and in case you're struggling with what to get or what a little bit of inspiration I thought I'd go through the essential bits I've picked up for Autumn. 

First, off jumpers and more jumpers, they're easy to style with anything and make a statement without you having to do much. Whether you want something super thick or on the thinner side, there's a jumper for all. And plus these can always be layered over a turtleneck or a polo to add an extra layer. For me, I like to stick with a simple jumper and pair it with some statement pants or jeans. 

Jumper Pants (Similar)(Primark Old) Trainers
Speaking of statement pants, it's the time of year where you can…

Get Them Warm Tones Girl

I'm a warm tone girl through and through and I can't deny that. With the weather getting colder and the leaves falling I thought it would be time to go a little different with the makeup. The eyes are getting a little darker and I thought for those of you who want a bit of a makeup switch up this would be helpeful. I'm gonna be using 100% drugstore to get the look fit for Autumn so let's go through to the eyes and then the rest of the routine. 

To set this all out I'm using the Makeup Revolution Supersize concealer and getting it packed on the lid, this has great coverage and lasts for so long and it really works wonder to hold stuff in place. Then it's time to go in with the Soph Does Nails Extra Spice palette. Using the shade running late I'm taking this all over the lid as a base. This is a perfect orange shade to really get it going, once it's blended in I'm going in with Sweet n Sour in the crease as a transisiton shade, normally I would just le…