The New Coat October Splurge

Yep, I got paid from work, I needed a new coat, fancied a new piercing and thought it's only right to document all of this. It feels odd sitting here and typing all this out. In reality, I've been all over the place really, I've not had some solid time to sit down and actually focus on my blog properly and it feels so odd and out of place for me, life gets in the way and this has gone to the back burner, unfortunately. But I have a cheeky 20 minutes and some new things to talk about so let's get going on this little splurge I had. 

First and most obvious is I have a new coat in my life, I fell in love with this a couple weeks ago and it's been love ever since. I'm gonna do another post soon and my lack of love for fashion recently I hit a bit of a slump and I just wasn't inspired by anything and it really sucked. But when I saw this I was in love with it, a cheeky £25 spent in Primark and this was coming home with me. I wanted a fluffy coat for a while but I'd been so torn on whether to go for a teddy coat or more of a trucker style jacket so when I saw that the two had been combined it was coming home with me straight away. And plus the fact that its dark green sold me straight away. I've wanted something like this for the longest time and it's a piece that will always be needed in my wardrobe. 

With this coat in my hands, I also did a little bit more of a shop in there. Realistically I had to carry on looking on my way to the tills and just like everyone else does when they're in there I picked up a lot. I came out with some fake blood for a Halloween look and some new earrings in my life, I have wanted some new earrings for the longest time, my stud game needed upping and it's now at the level it needs to be. I picked up these two statement ones for just £1 each! like just one pound that's it and of course the assorted pack had to be thrown in with them as well of course. 

After all this, I thought it was only right that I go and get a new piercing if I've treated all my other piercings to some jewellery why not go and get the 10th piercing. I'd wanted this for ages but just never gone and got it done. 10 minutes later I was in Studio 95 waiting to get it done. This is my second piercing from them and I honestly cannot fault them, they were really helpful and I felt like I had a proper good chat with them, it felt good to just be relaxed a bit whilst a needle goes through my ear. I managed to get this cute little stud to go with it and honestly am in love. I got this on Friday and so far it's doing well, been odd having to sleep on my other side after so many years on my left side but am getting used to it and the sleep is catching up with me. 

After all this I managed to get some gig tickets, I'm now seeing Cassia next Saturday and I honestly cannot wait. I've wanted to see them for the longest time so why not grab a ticket just before they finish their tour. They're definitely ones to check out. 

There's the round up of the few things I've treated myself to in October, next up it's all about my loss of love for fashion 

Until next time, Chloe!