How I'm Caring For My Body In Autumn

It's getting cold let's be serious, there's only so many nights you can spend freezing whilst going through the whole skincare routine. As great as it is to look after your skin, you don't need to look after yourself too. I'm quite bad at taking time out for me, I normally spend all day and most of the night at University and then by the time I get back it's a quick shower and skincare routine and then it's time to get into bed and spend the next 3 hours scrolling through everything. In Autumn your skin is facing different concerns, my skin gets so dry and my acne flares up so much so my routine has definitely taken a bit of a revamp for Autumn and take some time out to look after me and my body.

The main thing is my cleanser, yes I am still on the cleansing milk love train by L'Oreal but I've incorporated a hot flannel to the mix and oh my it's a right treat for my face. Especially when it's so cold outside and the last thing I want is to feel more cold water on my face this is seriously a very simple pleasure. I'm making sure I pack on a bit of extra moisturiser and get that tea tree oil on my skin the second I feel a spot coming on to ensure my acne stays at bay.

Face masks and scrubs have really been getting into the routine lately, it takes 2 minutes to apply a face mask and whilst am moving about in my flat trying to sort stuff out my skin is being taken cared of. And the same goes for a face scrub, I can give my face a good scrub and let it sink in for a second whilst spending those valuable 2 minutes getting some intense Pinterest scrolling going. It's very subtle changes but they can really make all the difference.

Baths and showers are getting a revamp, I'm not normally a proper bath person I used to be able to spend hours in a bath but now it's a strong 20 minutes and then I wanna be out doing stuff. I'm taking more time to properly relax in the bath and I'm living my phone in another room and getting a Netflix show on. It's great to get me to unwind and generally take some time away from my phone, again it's small changes but it really makes a difference.

On a bit of a health note, I've been investing in some vitamins and tiger balm. Sounds odd but I have a few health issues and when it gets cold it really flares up, the vitamins are helping my immune system get into shape and fight off the chesty coughs that are due any day. Also for those of us who are achy joints or if you wake up feeling a bit blegh, using a bit of tiger balm at night really helps to loosen your body and get you into a bit of comfort. There's quite a strong smell to it so unless you can handle the smell then put it on early morning, it has a slight menthol scent to it. 

These few changes have been helping me and my body throughout Autumn, I also really wanna get back into reading if you could recommend me a book to check out that would be great. 

Until next time, Chloe!