Going Through Those Makeup Blues

There's a point in everyone's life where we get a bit bored, whether it's from a tv show you've watched too many times, a song you've listened to and could probably perform better than the band to even the makeup you apply all the time. There's something ingrained in us to love a good routine, from constantly sticking to what we know it's a constant thing we do, but sometimes there needs to be a bit of a mix-up. For me, I've felt a bit meh about my makeup recently, not in terms of the actual makeup on my face and the end result but more so the fact that my makeup consists of products I've used and stuck with maybe a bit too long. I remember rolling my eyes at posting a flatlay one day, consisting of products I use far too often, with the little variation it made me feel like nothing was changing and I love to mix things up every now and then.

So I've taken on a challenge to mix up two parts of my makeup, I have a weird relationship with elements of my makeup that I just never want to change, and if you've read through enough of my posts you'd probably guess my eyebrows and lashes are two things I hate to change. In my eyes these are the two things that can make or break my makeup, yes the foundation may not always go to plan or look great on my face, but if one brow is done a lot bigger than the other or if my eyelashes are so clumpy I get confused for a spider to me that blocks everything else that's on my face.

My brows have never been something I've loved, I did the lethal thing of trying to sort them out in year 11 and oh lord don't ever do it yourself until you know a bit more on what you're doing. I remember being sat there, brushing them into a nice shape and instead of plucking the hairs that were left to the side, I thought no let's grab my razor and ruin my brows for the longest time. The next morning consisted of me trying to cover up a bald patch that still to this day is prominent in my brow. I've tried to use so many products to sort out and create some shape to my brows because they're thick and have their own kinda shape I've always wanted to stick with that.

To keep the natural shape and bushiness of them I've always just stayed with trying to outline them and fill out the hairs towards the front, where it's baldness city essentially. I've used brow pencils and even in the past few years used brown eyeshadows and I've never felt like they've looked great. They've always looked powdery, I've never wanted to get them microbladed or re-done because am happy with the shape of them, just when you decide to dye your hair red from having light brown hair they don't look right unless they go darker.

So in an attempt to sort out my brow woes, I've invested five whole pounds into a brow pomade. Sticking with my love for makeup revolution I picked up one of their brow pomades and set myself the challenge of transforming my brows. I've given it a go a few times and honestly, it really has made a difference, not an absolute transformation but different but enough for me to do my makeup and feel happy that it's a positive change. Overtime when I actually feel more confident and wanting to experiment with different styles, my brows will be at their best, still very much natural. But defining the parts of my brows I like.

The lashes are another thing for me before anybody mentions false eyelashes they just aren't for me. I love the look of them on other people but for me, I just don't think they'd suit me. I've always been a lover of voluminous lashes which is why my fear of trying something new is so prominent, there have not been many times where I've sat back and thought today's the day am gonna try a new mascara that should hopefully change my life. From trying so many that just didn't do it for me and didn't make me feel like my lashes were at their best. The Maybelline lash sensational mascara as much as I love it and see the difference in my lashes when I use this, I just can't stick with it anymore. In fact, am trying to cut out a lot of my makeup that isn't cruelty-free.

Maybelline is one of the leading companies out there for testing on animals, I have a vast amount of makeup already that is cruelty-free and works great for me. Brands like Makeup Revolution, Wet n Wild, and NYX. After the body shops big push for the cruelty-free life it really put my influence into perspective. Okay, I don't have a massive audience, but if I start promoting brands that aren't cruelty-free it doesn't send off a great message. I want to be more conscious this year and make sure that I don't support brands that aren't cruelty-free.

Which is why I need some mascara help! What are some of the mascaras you've used that have really changed the game for you? I'm tired of using the same old stuff and I really wanna mix it up

Leave your recommendations down below,

Until next time, Chloe!

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