How To Turn A Flat Into A Home

I touched on this a while back when I first moved back into my flat on how to make space feel like your own. Especially if you can't do any lasting decorating or strip out a wall, instead you can use little things to help jazz it up. Plus it's easier to take down a poster than to re-paint a wall. I found myself not really feeling like the room was really mine for some time, yeah it's got some gig tickets and cute photos of friends on the wall but I just didn't feel like I'd "settled in" I think this has more to do with other things in life and just generally being quite lonely, but I've found a bit of comfort in being able to add things and give it a more personal touch recently. 

I never thought I would sit here and say that I feel comfortable in my flat, it's a weird one for me to discuss but I've just never really felt like I live there. Essentially am renting out space and it's not a real home by no means, but it's somewhere I spend a lot of time in and it was about time I felt happy in it. I decided to take 10 minutes (7 hours let's not lie) of online shopping and Pinterest scrolling to get a bit of inspiration. I already had a fair amount of stuff so I didn't want to get too much, more than anything I wanted some decor and little bits. 

I've taken on the responsibility of a plant, not going to lie it does stress me out a little bit. I never thought i'd be so sentimental over a tiny plant but the minute it changes my heart panics thinking I've killed a plant. I want to get a few more and have a bit of a range, if I can keep this current one alive for a bit longer I'll definitely be investing in a few more. Plants are great for the mind, and especially because it's something I have to take care and look after and I get to see it hopefully not die thanks to my great efforts and clear plant skills. 

I also decided to get some candles, again another weird one for me. They're nice to look at and make banging decor, but most importantly I find them comforting. Am a weird one when it comes to scents, I like to be able to smell something similar, it really helps to make me feel quite calm. It probably sounds daft but senses like scents really help keep me calm. Being able to just light a few candles and just get working for the night helps me to unwind and feel a bit calmer. If you're looking for some bargains, Tk Maxx and Home Bargains do some great candles. Candles are simple little things that just help to decorate your room and smell great when you get them going. 

The final thing I've picked up is a few more prints, I've mainly got photos and memory bits like gig tickets and events on the walls but I wanted something different to look at. I picked up a few of these prints from CrownandTawney, they do an amazing set of prints and these three really stood out to me. I loved the simpleness of these prints and I thought they would work in great amongst my other things. Because there's already a lot going on in my room, with clashes of prints, fairy lights, too many candles etc I wanted something that would break everything up and be simple. I think it's the one time I've asked for simplicity in my life. You can pick these up through their Etsy page or their Instagram. 

And there we have it, each little thing is small and doesn't require a lot of money or space to make it feel homier. I never thought I would actually start to feel comfortable in my room. Although it still doesn't feel like my space, the little changes I've made are nice touches and when I do move to whichever place I end up in next, they're nice sentimental pieces to bring along. 

Let me know what you use to make your room feel a bit cosier

Until next time, Chloe! 

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