The Best Way To Balance Everything At Once

Okay so, it may not be a complete guide but I have enough faith in the 20 years I've been on this earth to have at least a few tips on how to balance everything. That doesn't mean to say that I have my act together and life is easy breezy, it just means that I've learnt from what does and doesn't work and although I am still in a rut tryna juggle everything I have found a few simple things that make it a bit lighter to handle. I was blessed with the ability to think about multiple things at once, it's a grace and a curse at the same time. As great as it is to think about my next blog post whilst I'm taking notes in my lecture, it's also infused with a slight bit of self-doubt, a review of everything I have to do that week, oh and just a splash of "distraction thoughts".

If you're wondering what on earth a distraction thought is, they're things I notice that I shouldn't be focusing on but I focus on them whilst doing everything else in my head. Like last week, I was out for food deciding what to pick, in the midst of this am making conversation, trying to pick what I want but my distraction thoughts were all about the colours and the fonts used. As nice as it is to pick up on the little details it doesn't help me balance everything else. So to ease everything else in my mind I picked up a few bits and tricks to unload a little. 

First off for this recipe is a notebook or diary. Whether you have this built into your phone or an actual notebook they really do make wonders. I have both and if anything I think if you can definitely invest in a hard copy and one you can have on your phone. For my phone I have reminders set for medication, anything planned (literally anything), and I use the notes to note down ideas. This sounds like a very basic thing and you've probably rolled your eyes and scrolled down to the next tip already b u t it does work once you put it into practice. For ease, using my phone works better because it's the one thing am always on and I will always have it with me, but having an actual notebook to note down anything else is great also. Sometimes writing helps to clear my mind, it's one of the main reasons for me having this blog, other than my love for everything I talk about on here I really do have to focus to be able to write. 

A few routine works great as well, am not saying you have to be out for the count by 10pm every night and up and dressed by 9am. There are places in the day where you can have a routine, especially when it's exams or deadlines or anything that's stressful (even everyday life counts) allowing yourself a "routine" where you add breaks and times to just put your head down to help. When you're constantly on the go your mind hasn't got time to sit down and catch up on everything unless you do! So sit down, grab some headphones and watch something or maybe binge watch Gavin n Stacey until everything feels calm. 

Another gem is music, listening to music helps you drown out a lot. Whether it's people trying to talk to you in the street or just your own thoughts, especially if you're the kinda person who has to fight the urge not to sing everything out loud music does you wonders. Depending on what you like, make a playlist and make it just for relaxing. Not only will it make you relax and feel a bit more at ease, but everybody loves a little bit of music. If you'd rather shy away from music then podcasts are a great runner up, podcasts such as George Ezra's and Friends, Tiny Meat Gang, and The Mindful Kind all offer different things to help you take 5.

It's good to eat well also, but I'm not going to sit here and act like some nutritional goddess and talk about Kale for 10 minutes so let's skip this point. 

But really it's about making little changes, if you set out to drastically change things then you'll struggle to adjust and just want to resort back to what you did previously. Whereas taking 5 to listen to some music is a smaller change with a bigger impact.  

If you're wanting some music inspiration I've created a little playlist on Spotify. It's a mix of upbeat and slow songs for all types of moods here! 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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