What's On Ya Face

From makeup to skincare, to glitter, to god knows what ends up on there a fair bit of stuff finds it's way onto your face. I've always tried to stick to a routine, with makeup and skincare. This can change depending on my mood and how my skins doing. I'm a person of change and I love being able to switch up and change my face depending on how it's doing. I have added some new bits and I thought it would be nice to sit down, grab a drink (alcoholic now that my exams are over) and talk through what's been new on my face recently.

There's a mix of skincare and makeup in this one. I mentioned in a previous post how I wanted to switch it up a bit. I was tired of having the same makeup on day in day out and it felt good to finally have a bit of change. I picked up the Makeup Revolution brow pomade in Ash brown and it's really done wonders for my brows, admittedly they aren't at their best just yet but I'm practising as I go along and getting used to drawing them in a way that looks right. I never realised how hard it was to fill in my brows using something different, you get used to using something that it feels weird to suddenly change. This pomade lasts all day and really does hold well on my brows, colourwise it's a pretty good match. I would maybe go a little bit darker next time, but I think for practice it's nice to be a little lighter until I get used to it. When I first started I never concealed around my brows, but since doing it the past week it really does make a difference to them, they look more defined and all in all just look a lot more put together, more put together than me really.

Next up was the eyes, I switch up my eye looks fairly regularly but I've never really given a new mascara a go. I've always been worried that my lashes won't look the same and it will have a real impact. I decided I'm on the hunt to find a few mascaras that work great, you never just meet one person that you love and I won't let mascaras be the same. If I can find a few that work and give me what I want, then it would be great to have the variety. I'm currently trying out the Soap n Glory Thick n Fast mascara. I remember reviewing this years ago, and I agree that it definitely builds the lashes, but my lashes don't look as full as they used to. I want to practice a bit more with this but so far it's passing all of the tests, the volume test is next on my list now.

Skincare wise, I've been trying a few more masks. A shock I know, but I find it really relaxing to just sit back and do everything else whilst my skin gets a nice treat. I spend so much of my time doing stuff
for others or for uni, work, or whatever else and it's nice to just treat my skin for once. I've been trying out a few to see how my skin does, the real one up on the top of the list is the Soap and Glory What A Peeling! Mask. First off peel masks are the most satisfying thing to bless the world, the feeling of being able to feel it off in one go is up there with soap cutting videos. Not only is it satisfying to peel off, but it just feels great to clean up your skin, it does go stiff on the skin but the bright pink almost Tubby Custard like colour really makes a change. Since using mine the other day, my skins glowing and it's helped to clear up quite a few of my spots. I'm starting to incorporate masks more often into my routine, just to look after my skin and give me a bit of a boost.

I also tried out one of the Anatomicals masks, I remember seeing anatomical all over Urban Outfitters. I often picked up the masks and they were a really nice pick me up. I got to work with them a company months back and since this, I have re-discovered my love for them again. I used the toning cucumber face mask, Lettuce gives thanks for it and oh boy is it the mask for me. I've never really tried cooling masks before, but I loved being able to put this on and pretend am in a spa for a strong 15-20 minutes. It did leave my skin feeling really cool, especially after a very rigorous clay mask that dried my spots out and left my skin feeling rather delicate, this helped to add a little bit of TLC back into my skin. I would highly recommend this whether you're looking for a pick me up or just something a bit different.

Despite all the masks, I've been giving a new Pixi Tonic a go! I know check me. I picked up the glow tonic up around August time and I've been repurchasing it ever since. It really adds a bit of a glow to my skin without feeling tacky. I wanted to try out their other bits and the Retinol tonic made its way into my life just at the right time. This helps to make the skin firmer and reduces any wrinkles. Now I was nowhere near the wrinkle stage of my life at all, but I do have a lot of frown and smile lines in my skin. I wouldn't say this is a miracle product that absolutely transformed my face. But my fine lines have reduced, and my skin does feel tighter when I use this. It's the kind of product you have to consistently use for the effect to work, but even still it feels great to look after my future skin. Because who knows I could be thankful that I've started to some anti-ageing products at 20.

Apart from that, not a lot has changed. I'd say the changes have had a fairly big impact on my skin. It's been nice to see some changes, and I'm liking my makeup and skincare more each day. I'm intrigued to find out if anyone else has switched things up or found something new in their life.

Let me know down below until next time, Chloe!

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