Flat Hunting What A Joy

The closer we get to Summer, the closer I get to needing to get a flat sorted. Realistically I have months to sort this, but the anxious hopes to be organised bee that I am wants it all sorted as soon as. For me, I've dreamed of having my own place for a while, not even owning it but just getting my own space where I can live alone. It might sound like a weird want to some people but the day I get to live alone will be a glorious day.

With all this excitement and happiness comes a practical eye as well, I have to think about what I want and what I can afford. The less fun part is the afford bit as money doesn't grow on trees, well definitely not the trees I live by. At first I didn't have the clearest idea of everything that I would need to consider, but now after a bit of searching and a lot of lists (I want to do a whole blog post dedicated to just writing lists) I now have a better idea and I feel like I can give out some good advice on how to tackle the flat hunting and find a place. Even I I'm still on that hunt.

So the first thing is to get out that list and work out your money, now with this great list note down all your expenses. The first time I did this I was scared to admit to myself I'm a sucker for a good subscription so note it all down with confidence! Then take off money for food and spends (Only fair to treat yourself!) and the rest you are left with is what you have for bills and rent. Now I would advise if you need more money to rent in the area you are looking at, look at cutting down those expenses as it's highly unlikely you need it all so it might be time to say goodbye to some of them!

Get your alerts and eyes on a load of estate agents, for me, Rightmove is my main tool but I've also got a few estate agents near me saved in my list as well. The main reason for this is to give you variety and widen your opportunity to find something you love. With Rightmove, if you create an account it can save a prefilled message for you, that stops having to type out the same conversation to each estate agent whenever you want to get into contact with them. I started checking all of it every couple of days but it's that time of year especially for Students where places are starting to come free so make sure you are checking all of these quite regularly. I get email alerts whenever something new comes up but it's still good to have a browse through.

Expectations, now this applies to life and flat hunting but don't expect too much. In the same sense, don't have your expectations too low. When I first started going into flats and having a look round I would struggle to imagine them any differently, but just remember that's someone else living in them, not you. And a bit of rearranging and a trusty blanket and some decor bits from Primark can really shape a flat and make it feel a bit more like your own.

The final tip and I think the most important is whether you think you've found your dream flat, get a pro's and con list out. This will help you to be a bit more rational and decide if it really is the flat you need and want, I remember when I found my potential dream flat and it was all good and well. But then when I got home and I thought about it more clearly I realised it isn't the place for me. So even if it feels great, to begin with, weigh up the good and bad it's a bit like a relationship that doesn't feel 100% you gotta weigh up your options.

Overall, flat hunting is a very up and down process and sadly don't expect to fall in love with your dream flat straight away. Just stick to your limits and keep checking all those sites!

Until next time, Chloe!