How To Wear A Statement Tee

I love a good statement tee, I think they add a real edge to an outfit and if you don't like to go too out there with your outfits they can be a really nice touch. I like to really centre an outfit around a statement tee, whether it's dressing them up with the right jeans or pairing them with a skirt or overalls they just add something to the outfit. But I think at times it can be daunting to include them, especially if your outfit already includes a few other elements out of the ordinary. I thought I would show you a few ways I have styled the statement tees to go into my outfit. 

Usually, for me, I normally tuck them into pants or jeans, and for me, I like to wear pieces with a bit of edge to them. It makes your outfit more exciting and gives a focal point or at least a few focal points for people to look at. As someone who's always been self-conscious of people staring at me in the street, I came to the conclusion that I would rather have them staring at me whilst am in something out of the ordinary. Switch that basic outfit for a zebra print skirt, fishnets, and a statement tee

Which is exactly what I did here, I hate my legs with a passion unless they're covered but for once I wanted to brave the fishnets. I wanted to have a bit of an edge to my outfit, and I also had 20 minutes to come up with an outfit so it was a classic case of mixing and working with different stuff. I picked up this hard rock cafe from a vintage kilo sale in Manchester (if you get the chance to go to one to go straight away they're so good!) and I knew I wanted to get a bit of edge to an outfit and this worked great. With this outfit, there were so many different areas to grab attention besides my legs, from the top to the skirt to the bag it all kind of tied in together in places. 


I have a real love for jumpsuits and overalls and anything generally that flares at the leg. So you can believe that I try to incorporate a statement tee to an outfit whenever. Here I love combined one of my favourite statement tees under a velvet jumpsuit, with this I wanted to go a bit more casual with my outfit and this helped to dress it down whilst still having a bit of edge to it. It adds a little pop to the outfit and just mixes it up. And the added bonus was that I was comfy all night long and it helped for those colder times when it's just annoying to have to constantly bring a coat with you. 


If these are a bit much for you and you wanna play it a bit safer and at times i'll admit the safer route is a  go to for me at times. I think sometimes there's something so classic about a statement tee, jeans, and some trainers. It's an easy go to outfit and especially whe am out all day or just needing something practical this is a great go to. I like to switch it up a little but I think a pair of light wash denim jeans work great to make the outfit casual. You could always dress the outfit up with something heeled and a blazer, but for me for the day to day wear this works great. Or go for that classic style and just pair the simple slogan tee (put it over a bodysuit for that extra edge) and some jeans, this adds a bit of edge to it all and you wouldn't believe how comfy this was to wear all day. Best part is the bodysuit can come off and the outfit still looks great and helps to make the statement tee pop. 

Let me know how you're wearing a statement tee, and if you've got any other tips you'd love to know about!

Until next time, Chloe!