So University Is Finally Over

I've waited for so long to write this post, three years ago I was halfway through my A-Levels and I was ready to start preparing for University. It feels weird now to say that it's all over, and I can relax for a month before starting my new job. When I finished my exam I expected to have this uplifting ecstatic feeling, and I did but I was also left with this weird feeling that it's all over and that's it. It's weird when you've spent so long writing your dissertation and preparing for exams for it to just all be done, everyone finishes at different times and it's just generally weird.

But it makes me more than excited to start my new job and not to get all soppy but start a new chapter, I have a lot of good and bad memories from University. I made friends for life and also experienced parts of life I never thought I would, I always used to cringe when people said that University helped them change as a person. But I do genuinely believe it does something, I feel like I'm more grown up now and I've gained my bit of independence, more than that I've also learnt to be a vocal person and stand up for what I want. 

Running for education officer was a big step for me, it's hard enough putting yourself out there to students on your course. But trying to get thousands of students to believe in you can be a real mission. But I did it, built up my presenting skills and generally managed to grip onto what I believe in. I wouldn't have even dreamed about doing anything like that before University, I think as well as this it allowed me to grow a bit in a more social way. I like my own space and being on my own, but I learnt how to make friends and still get your work done even if I did distract them a little bit.

The real question people ask me is if I would do another degree again, and I probably would maybe not the same discipline I would like to maybe do Law or Developmental studies. In terms of if I would do a masters, that's where my head is a little clouded. Pressure wise I think I could handle it, but I've not got my heart set on a specific masters course, I'd love to do organisational psychology but I'd also like to look into Autism and development. There's not one course that reaches out to me as the one I wanna add more debt to, I think it's gonna take me some time and a bit of university browsing to figure what I want to do and where. 

I'm quick to change my mind sometimes, it wasn't until a couple days before the UCAS deadline that I decided I wanted to do Psychology. I was in between that and Law and somehow I don't feel like I'd have a Reese Witherspoon moment if I did Law. I think the one thing I would want people to know about University is that it's not gonna be great all the time and I don't think that's touched on enough. 

The prevalence of University suicides is increasing as the help is drawing in, and it's a scary aspect of the university that academics don't want to discuss. From career pressures to deadlines, to just generally making it by. I think the pressure of knowing right I'm an adult once I leave university can really panic people, I can't even begin to count how many sleepless nights and panic attacks I had in my final year because I hadn't got a job sorted yet. It can feel like it's all gonna be the end of your life when in reality it's such a small part of your life. 

It feels weird not having to talk about my university experience anymore, but I'm excited to start a new aspect of life and share everything that's going on in it. If you're heading to University soon take a deep breath, make sure you've got everything and just embrace the experience one step at a time. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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