Why I Decided To Become A Sabbatical Officer

I realised that I've always kept my jobs fairly private on here, to me, it never really seemed important to let you know where I was working alongside running this blog and going to University. But seeing as Uni has come to an end and I gave up the part-time job, I thought it would be about time that I explained what my job is now that I've had the inductions and got all settled into it.

My job sounds weird unless you're heavily involved in Students' Unions and University it might not make much sense. But in a nutshell, I am elected by students to represent them at a University level. Now that is the main overarching aim of the job but there is so much more that happens within that. As an elected officer (sabbatical officer, same thing) I am also a trustee and director of the company, yep it was weird seeing my name on the government website. But ultimately I am here to represent the students on matters across the union and University. 

Feel like am posing for some teen drama like Waterloo road oh wow

This happens through various elected roles, in which the union and students will decide what those roles are. From Women's to Gensec to Welfare to Education etc there is a long list of titles for officers across the world. For me, I decided to run for Education officer and somehow managed to get elected.   With this role I am in committee after committee with my work mainly looking at academic facing issues, but this doesn't mean that I don't have time to get involved in other campaigns. 

The average day for me doesn't really exist, somedays I could be researching into a potential policy or looking into student feedback on a particular course. There is never one straight forward day, and after a month of being in the office I really like the way it all happens, for me I get bored from repetition I don't like to have a day where it feels like I've already done this for 2 months straight, so being able to spend my day on what is happening that day and knowing it might change the next is really exciting. 

Hours wise it's flexible, which means there will be days when I get home so tired and ready to sleep that the blog gets neglected. And in the first couple of weeks, this happened a lot, but I'm starting to find time to work on the blog, conveniently I keep on waking up an hour before I need to so it has been great to work from my bed and feel like I've already achieved a lot. 

Do you work full-time alongside running a blog? Tell me how you manage it and find time for everything else! I definitely think I could be more organised 

Until next time, Chloe!