5 Minutes In Manchester, Let's Have A Chat

Queue the usual apology for not uploading in a while speel, I wanted to take a bit of a break to think about my content a bit. The format of this blog has always been a review and some lifestyle, and whilst I love that and it really stays true to my blog. As I'm getting older (ew first off) I'm starting to think more about my blog, and how I can use this platform to talk about deeper issues or topics than the newest Makeup Revolution mascara. 

I'm a sucker for a good series and finding out new things, and to me, the idea of creating a series is one of my absolute dreams for this blog. I remember the old makeup series I used to do and I loved being able to plan and shake them up a bit, and I think it's time to create a new one. Which brings us to the birth of 5 Minutes in Manchester. 

5 Minutes in Manchester got a bit of a catchy name to it but all in all, it's as it says it is a series through my blog and social media in which I will tell you about the different aspects of Manchester. From bars to shops to clubs to pubs, the real low down on where is good in Manchester. The tourist guide for chatters really, but it will be like one of those conversations where you leave the chat finding out something new, from the history of the place to what's new and upcoming. 

It's not the easiest of series to set-up I will admit, but I've really loved the opportunity to do this and get stuck into it. So far I've got a few places lined up with interviews done and ready to go, but I also want to play around with a bit of my own commentary on the place and give it that personal touch. And what better way to kick it off than to start it this Sunday, yep you heard that right you can head over here on a Sunday for a fortnightly 5 Minutes in Manchester post. Gives you an extra bit of time to catch up on the rest of my posts then! 

I'm excited for the series to kick-off and any feedback you have, I want to make it as informal and casual as possible, and if anyone fancies getting involved let me know! At the moment the focus is placed but I'd love to go into more detailed interviews in the future.

That's all for now, hope everyone's having a cracking Wednesday and I'll see you all back here on Sunday for the first one!