5 Minutes in Manchester - The Oast House

To kick off the series, I thought I’d start with one of my favourite places to head to. If you’re looking for a good place to listen to some live music or enjoy a good hanging kebab the Oast House is the place to go. I managed to get the chance to interview them on what really makes The Oast House unique, from the rustic ambience on the inside and a spacious courtyard that plays host to both a festive Teepee in winter and full-blown Festival in summer. 

With an Unrivalled outdoor space, large selection of beers, rustic ambience, the first and original TeePee in Manchester (that is coming back in October) and a team that is like one big family. It’s a place everyone should visit in Manchester. For me, I headed to The Oast House as it breaks away from the perceived conventinal bars in Spinningfields, the cosy rustic feel to the place is great for those longing for a more traditional bar in Manchester. 

But how did it all start? Well for those of you that love a bit of history the place is Architecturally designed and modelled on the traditional oast house.  It is a Tudor style pub, this pub is a reclaimed 16th century oast house where brewers roasted hops (to make beer). It was brought to Manchester brick-by-brick from Kent, intially opening as a temporary home in the heart of Spinningfields, it became an instant hit and has now been made permanent since October 2011. The heart of Manchester’s business district is now filled with electic bars such as The Ivy, The Alchemist, Sunset by Australasia and much more. 

As it’s starting to get colder, and the nights are drawing in this is a perfect opportunity to head inside, grab a pint and check out the place. Each aspect of The Oast House has been built to look as if it has been there for hundreds of years. It needed to be a place people could get a pint of ale, listen to music or watch theatre. Every piece of material needed to build The Oast House, and every piece of furniture inside has been thoroughly researched. Most of it has been sourced from Ireland, "I saw the roof on a farm and went and knocked on the door to ask the farmer if he would sell it to me! We wanted authenticity and I believe we have achieved that." Whilst you have a pint there, or a lovely Bee Wild Sour (no bias there, but it’s lovely) 

If you need a bit more enticing, during the summer they had movie screenings in the courtyard in summer, and to welcome in the colder months they are doing a variety of osy movie nights in the TeePee throughout the winter. As well as a variety of live music and celebrations of city life aka SpinFest and much more throughout the rest of the year. 

And as Christmas is drawing closer, the Curious TeePee will be coming back in full swing in October. We will host The OastoberFest in there as well as the Wreath Masterclasses! (You all know I’ll be signed up to that) and if it didn’t feel like we weren’t already close enough to the new year, they will be waving 2019 goodbye with a big New Years Eve party!

And seeing as it’s a Sunday, I thought it’d mention the cracking Sunday roasts they do. So get yourself down there, you’ll struggle to find something you don’t like! It's been great to kick off the series with one of my favourite places. Hope you to see you all back here for the next one in a couple of weeks 


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