I Finally Got A Tattoo

For a while I have been back and forth about getting a tattoo, I’ve always had ideas for what I want with a list so high but I’ve always struggled to get the courage to go get one and to pick which would be my first tattoo. 

For me I want my first tattoo to have a bit of significance, to mean something in 10 years time when I look at it. And after months of saying I was gonna get one, I finally went and did it. And got my little bee. 

The bee is a nod to Manchester, a city am proud to live in each day. But also a nod to my gran who passed away 5 years ago, I’ve always wanted to get something that reminds me of her and this was the perfect way for it. As a kid, I would always watch her draw and paint and she had a real love for drawing flowers and insects, she drew a bee very close to mine so I knew that was going to be the inspiration for it. 

Now felt like the time to get one, it’s been a whirlwind of a few months and whilst everything is fast-paced and ever-changing. I’ve managed to get some closure and have one of the best summers I’ve had. I have managed to separate myself from a lot of negativity and I really want to remind myself of that in the future. 

And in general I just love a cute little bumble bee, honestly, you can't tell me they aren’t the cutest things. I already have a few ideas in mind for what I would get next but that will definitely not be for a while. 

So how was the tattoo I hear you ask, did I manage to bear the pain? The truth is I actually didn’t really hurt, as someone who had cats when they were younger I was very used to the scratching feeling. I’d say getting the wings done hurt a little, but nothing that you couldn’t grin and bare. 

It was a really positive experience, had a lovely lady from Liverpool, give her a follow on Instagram do it and she was so nice! We had a good chat, shared a love for food and spice girls and in general, I just felt calm. I’d definitely go back to her for another! 

In terms of aftercare, I’m gonna talk all about that over on Instagram but so far we’re doing good. If you could get any tattoo what would you get? 

Until next time, Chloe!