Do You Believe in Love?

Love, what a word. It defines a range of things, from an admiration to food, a song, a piercing, to even someone special to you. It can be a scary thing to use and it's something that can make you happy and sad all in one. For me I've had a real range of situations with love, from friendships to relationships it's a confusing time really. I thought I'd talk through the issues of love, for me a lot of this is a lesson that I'm still learning but I'd thought I would talk about what to do when you like someone who doesn't feel the same way. 

It's hard, you get so many feelings that can't hide away until you get your answer. I have spent months liking people without ever saying anything, as the fear of being rejected builds up. Especially as a teenager they want to be with someone or like someone was heightened and oh my everything feels like the worst thing to ever happen. I remember feeling head over heels for people that really didn't deserve me o…

Those Essential Autumnal Pieces

Let's start off like every other Autumnal post by announcing that Autumn is here, let's bring in the leaves and get the themed hot drinks out. But what are you gonna wear? It's all about the reds and oranges and really getting pops of colour. This year I really wanna bring a bit of dark green into my life, and in case you're struggling with what to get or what a little bit of inspiration I thought I'd go through the essential bits I've picked up for Autumn. 

First, off jumpers and more jumpers, they're easy to style with anything and make a statement without you having to do much. Whether you want something super thick or on the thinner side, there's a jumper for all. And plus these can always be layered over a turtleneck or a polo to add an extra layer. For me, I like to stick with a simple jumper and pair it with some statement pants or jeans. 

Jumper Pants (Similar)(Primark Old) Trainers
Speaking of statement pants, it's the time of year where you can…

Get Them Warm Tones Girl

I'm a warm tone girl through and through and I can't deny that. With the weather getting colder and the leaves falling I thought it would be time to go a little different with the makeup. The eyes are getting a little darker and I thought for those of you who want a bit of a makeup switch up this would be helpeful. I'm gonna be using 100% drugstore to get the look fit for Autumn so let's go through to the eyes and then the rest of the routine. 

To set this all out I'm using the Makeup Revolution Supersize concealer and getting it packed on the lid, this has great coverage and lasts for so long and it really works wonder to hold stuff in place. Then it's time to go in with the Soph Does Nails Extra Spice palette. Using the shade running late I'm taking this all over the lid as a base. This is a perfect orange shade to really get it going, once it's blended in I'm going in with Sweet n Sour in the crease as a transisiton shade, normally I would just le…

New In Beauty Bits: Yeah or Meh

The beauty world is bringing out the bad boys and I cannot wait for what's the come, from new makeup to skincare it's all new and exciting and there's a real whirlwind of stuff coming out. I thought I'd take a second to mention them all but do it a little different, Jasminetalksbeauty does a similar thing on her Instagram where she talks about new products and if she would purchase them or not. When I buy so much stuff to review it becomes hard to use everything up so instead of buying it for the sake of it let's talk about if it's something I should actually buy and review. 

Urban Decay Cherry Collection 
First up is a new exciting palette from Urban Decay, now I love a bit of cherry and when I heard about this a couple weeks ago I couldn't wait. After the successful heat collection, they've brought out a cherry range packed with an eyeshadow palette to die for, a highlighter and blush palette, some ever so cute lipsticks and just you wait for this a Che…

It's Time To Start Letting Go

Life is a bit shite let's be honest, unthinkable things get throw our way to the point where it can become hard to cope. Whether it's deadlines, love, friendships, the next door neighbours dog or just whatever comes our way. It can be hard to manage with some of these situations and for me personally the people around me help me get through it. I've always been someone who just needs someone there, as independent as I try to be I've always wanted someone there to vent with and have a little bit of a shoulder to cry on. 

The toughest thing for me to learn is that sometimes you just have to let go, throughout the past year I've struggled to do it and the idea of it now still sets a rush of anxiety through me but it's time I took control, I've spent so long clinging onto friendships that didn't do me any good and it took a lot of time to take myself out of the situation and see what it really is. For me, a lot of what I need to work on surrounds taking myse…

Influnecers Just Why: The Beauty Community

If you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks you wouldn't have seen the news surrounding influencers on the American side of the pond. From brand deals to influencers being paid and essentially bought their opinion it's become an uproar. At first, I didn't want to get involved, everyone understands what's gone on the controversy surrounding it. 

The term influence is a dangerous one nowadays, it automatically throws you into this box with other bloggers and YouTubers. It stereotypes you as someone who takes sponsorships because of the nice paycheck or advantage attached to it. The term influencer is originally used through marketing, it's an easy trick and it's surprising it has never been used earlier on in the industry. It's much cheaper and effective to focus on Bloggers and YouTubers nowadays. They have a wider following especially on a much younger market, in business eyes are more susceptible to easy marketing and promoting. 

But …

The Pixi Skincare Surge

Skincare has been a bit hit and misses for me, I go great with it for so long and then I struggle to keep up with it and my skin just goes to pot. Especially with hormonal breakouts, my skin can get a lot thrown at it. I've dealt with scarring, texture, breakouts, and a mix of oily and dry skin. I decided to spend a bit of time researching and see what I could do to help sort my skin out. It needed boosting I knew what needed to be added. After 20 minutes of browsing on Cult Beauty, I had 4 new products arrive at my door. 

Glow Tonic Glow
I decided to go for stuff that still would be easier to use, and wouldn't need to be used every morning and night. I picked up a scrub, mask, acid peel, and toner to help get this skin sorted. I already have my well-loved cleanser and moisturisers but I needed the little bits in between. I picked up the Pixi Fast Flash Facial Set, packed with 3 life-saving skincare products. The ever so raved about Glow Tonic, with glycolic acid it's ready …